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Green Careers Forum!

When: this Wednesday 3 March, 5:30pm

Where: U8, Tower 1

What: 5 talented panelists, giving 10 minute presentations on their current jobs and the path they took to get there, including any advice they have for students entering the job market. Followed by a question and answer period and then we can make our way to the pub for more informal networking!


Jessica Brown – Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Research Officer

Harry Chapman – Ofgem (energy market regulators) where he helps develop environmental and energy policies to maintain energy supply and transform modes of energy generation

Luca Lytton – RAC Foundation, Research Analyst

Aisling O’Sullivan Darcy – Harwell, Specialist Consultant; AEA Technology (an environmental consulting firm), Research Assistant; and Challenge Europe Programme

Daisy Streatfeild – DECC; and WWF experience


The second part of the Post-Copenhagen Panel Series hosted by the Environment Society and Oikos London will be taking place on Friday 26 February 2010, 17.30-19.30 in U8, Tower 1.

The issue of ‘common but differentiated responsibilities’ and the role of developing countries in climate change mitigation continues to be one of the biggest challenges on the road to establishing a global deal on the climate, and the question is WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?

Come and see what the experts have to say on this controversial topic!

Topics discussed will include Technology transfer, Mitigation, Renewables, REDD and Adaptation.

It is looking to be a FANTASTIC panel discussion with high-profile speakers including

Jeremy Leggett – Author of ‘The Carbon War: Global Warming and the End of the Oil Era’ and executive chairman of Solar Century

Camilla Toulmin – Director of the International Institute for Environment and Development

José Alberto Garibaldi – Climate Change Advisor to DEFRA, Peru and Mexico

The panel will be chaired by LSE’s very own Michael Mason.

Each speaker will have a 15-20 minute presentation, leaving plenty of time for you to ask them questions!

Date: Friday 4 December 2009
Time: 6pm
Venue: New Theatre, East Building, LSE
Speaker: Damian Miller
Chair: Dr Kristian Ulrichsen

Damian Miller is an LSE Alumni and CEO of Orb Energy.

Kristian Ulrichsen is a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE.

A public lecture based on Damian Miller’s experience in setting up solar businesses in various emerging markets. The talk will focus on the segments where solar is competitive, and what it takes to bring solar to market, and kick-start a process of technology diffusion. Dr.Miller is the recent author of Selling Solar, and his presentation will combine some of the themes from his book, with his experience on the ground. The discussion will end with a summary of the lessons for business as well as policy, and a look at the broader international processes and the potential for solar to play a larger role in the energy mix of emerging markets in the years to come.

Short Bio:

Damian Miller is a leading expert on solar energy in emerging markets. He was born and raised in New York City, before moving to Britain where he completed his schooling. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College), where he was based at the Judge Business School, and his dissertation addressed the role of entrepreneurs in the diffusion of solar photovoltaic technology in Asia. After finishing his PhD in 1998 he put his research findings into practice. He joined Shell, becoming Shell Solar’s Director of Rural Operations and establishing solar subsidiaries in India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia. He also implemented a large-scale solar project in China and managed joint ventures in Morocco and South Africa.

During this time he worked closely with multilateral and bilateral development agencies and emerging market governments to help grow local solar markets, overseeing the connection of more than 125,000 solar homes. At the end of 2006 he set up Orb Energy in India. In just two years, Orb has become one of India’s leading providers of solar energy solutions. Orb sells, installs and services solar systems across multiple states in India, with plans for further expansion. He has lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, and currently resides in Bangalore, India.

See you there!


This Tuesday the 10th of November the society, in collaboration with the Students’ Union, will be holding a film screening of ‘Recipes for Disaster’ in the New Theatre E171 at 7pm.

The film is a fun and informative documentary following one Finnish family who change to a ‘low-carbon’ diet aka not consuming/ buying/ using anything that requires oil to make. The trailer can be found here:

We will have free popcorn!


The society held a ‘green drinks’ event at the George pub on Portugal Street, where drinks were subsidized to only £1. Professors, new members and existing members attended and made for a very fun night. We will hold many more similar events this year.

Hi all,

The following committee for the Environment Society was elected at the AGM:

President – Kamilla Karhunmaa

Vice President – Micaela Rizo-Patron

Secretary – Emmy Smeds

Treasurer – Luke Lemon

Events (x3) – Zoe Anton, Liv Harder, Elena Rodriquez-Blanco

Communications – Anise Ganbold
Also, committee meetings are open to all members, so if you missed the AGM and want to have a more active role in the society feel free to come along to our weekly meetings on Thursdays from 18:00- 19:00 in U101 (Tower 1).

Summer holidays are nearing to the end and the schoolyear is about to start.

The Environment Society hopes to see many new faces joining us during Orientation week. We will have a stall on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th. We are all looking forward to an exciting and eventful year continuing to hold events such as the Green Fair, public lectures, panel discussion, movie screenings and of course Green Drinks!

If you happen to miss joining the Environment Society during Orientation, do contact us at and we’ll help you out.

The LSE SU Environment Society is proud to announce that our first annual
Green Forum is scheduled to take place Friday, March 6th in the New Academic Building.

***NEW***  Take a look at the presentations, pictures, links and contact details of the Green Forum here.

The Green Fair will be a unique opportunity for prominent environmental organizations and businesses to engage with LSE’s enthusiastic and knowledgeable student community. We hope to go beyond simply giving career information by providing a platform for debate on major present environmental issues.

The event will have three components:

  • Introduction to Environmental Careers
  • Panel discussion on “What is the role for carbon markets in a global economy?”
  • Green networking fair

Follow this link to learn more about this unique and exciting event at the LSE