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The Environment Society is happy to have over 100 members signing up at Freshers’ Festival, promising this to be an eventful year. For a glimpse at last year’s events, look at the Events page.

Each year the society elects a new committee, who then organizes events. This years committee will be elected on

Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm in room D106 (Clement House)

with the following positions available:

–         Chair

–         Secretary

–         Treasurer

–         Events Officer(s)

–         Communications Officer

Do come, bring your friends and let’s make this a brilliant year for the Environment Society! 

If you wish to run for a position, but are unable to attend the AGM send a brief email to detailing which position you are running for and why. This will then be read at the AGM and voted on.


ecxlogoThank you to everyone who helped make this event a success: our dedicated volunteers, our sponsor, European Climate Exchange, and most importantly, our invited panelists. We had more than 100 people attend each event. We had a lot of great feedback on the talks, and many have asked if they could access the presentations that were given.  You will find these materials and more below.

Perspective on Green Careers


Green Jobs

Laura and Bridget of LEAD Below you will find the presentation given by Bridget Burns and Laura Hughes of LEAD International. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Bridget directly at

Learn more about LEAD by visiting their website

The Importance Of Groups
Scott Below you will find the presentation given by Scott Davidson of Global Action Plan. You can get in touch with him at  Learn more about GAP by visiting their website

Perspectives group
LEAD International presentation:
Global Action Plan presentation:

Panel on Carbon Markets


Read the bios of our panelists here: GreenForumPanelistBio

For more information, we invite you to visit the websites of our invited panel speakers.  From left,


Some of their presentation materials are available here.

European Climate Exchange:


Clean Power from Deserts

Energy, Water and Climate Security:Clean Power from Deserts
Concentrating Solar Power and the creation of an HVDC Supergrid

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Some of our members attended COP14 in December, held in Poznam in Poland.  In this Roundtable, they reported what exactly was discussed and how people were responding to it, which is hard to know without actually being there. Around 20 people join the discussion. See the slide for the content!

Download: Round Table 1 Slides